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After-sale Service

  • Deliver goods should be exactly the same as order and payment
    If there is any quality or quantity in conformity, please feedback as soon as you finish the shipment inspection. Usually, the quantity difference should come up within 7 days, and please better keep the outside packing condition picture if you find any broken carton when you receive shipment. If grades, size, or items are not the same, please take pictures of the labels and items, and claim them to salespersons.Problems can be solved by goods return, free replacement, or refund as per coordination.
    • The quality problem which could not be found right upon the first inspection
    If there are some problems with service life or unusual breaking, please contact the salesperson for professional service, and we will analyze the items by instrument. If problems are caused by unqualified manufacture, we accept the free replacement, return, or refund as you like.
    • Want to get better performance than current items
    Please contact the salesperson, they will consult our professional technical team to solve the problem. Zhongbo Carbide has a technical team of 15 people, each of whom is a professional, experienced, and skilled expert.
    • Help you to gain the market
    We can provide market trend information and other customization based on our years of experience in this industry and according to your market needs, to help you gain market.
First-Class Quality&Customization 
Provide the best carbide quality customized service, we accept different grade and size to customization.
After sales team
Having a professional after-sales service team and a comprehensive service network, we can provide timely.
Technical Support
Provide online technical support and frequently asked questions, making it convenient for customers to quickly solve problems.
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